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Racers who wish to join with Alabama Wheelmen should buy a license from USA Cycling and specify your club as “Alabama Wheelmen” from the drop-down menu, and then specify your team as “Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists” for men or the “Rock Solid Team” for the women’s team from the second drop-down menu. It’s really that simple. AW does not require any additional dues. The club is seeking members at all experience levels.

Use this link to register with USA Cycling and purchase a license:





Link to our club on USA Cycling – Alabama Wheelmen

Membership form
Must be filled out and emailed to or mailed to our address
PO Box 568 Huntsville, AL 35804


Wheelmen Mileage Form. 
Please use starting mileage and ending mileage:
Let me remind you only those who submit member forms and meet other
membership criteria are eligible for payments. You must submit a mileage
form and will be paid $0.14/mile up to the limit established by the
points. The limit will be determine by applying a TBD scale factor to
your points total, in the neighborhood of 0.5. So for someone with 100
points, for example, if you submit a mileage form for 357 miles (to and
from the events for which you received points or for race volunteer work
the miles incurred for that).

Alabama Wheelmen Bylaws
Riders attaching to The Alabama Wheelmen should expect to abide by these bylaws.



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